Aberash Silver Luxury Metallic Headwrap

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Headwrap Name: Aberash

Name Origin: Amharic 

Name Meaning: Giving off light, shining

Color Scheme: Silver

Our exquisite Luxury Metallic Collection is a regal display of glamorous, shimmering fabric we've lovingly sourced from the heart of Africa. An ancient tradition, headwrapping remains a show of elegance and royalty. Create a style all your own, as there's no singular 'right' way to tie a wrap - it's an artform that allows you to adorn yourself with sophistication.

    Headwrap Features:

    • Great to tie endless styles; simple or dramatic
    • No-fuss hair styling 
    • Excellent on holiday, vacation, special occasion, and everyday use
    • All-season favorite 

    Fabric Guide: 

    • Fabric Type: Metallic Silver Fabric
    • Feel: Smooth, Semi stretch
    • Size: 72" x 20" (handmade, size may slightly vary) 
    • Sustainability: Fabric print placement may vary slightly. However, the essence of the print you love will be maintained.

    Headwrap Care

    • Hand wash with cold water 
    • Spot clean 
    • Hang to dry