Nadré Art of Women Headwrap

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 Headwrap Name: Nadré

Name Origin: Bété Ethnic Group,  Ivory Coast

Name Meaning: Mother of my heart

Color Scheme: Yellow, Gold, RedBlack and white

The Nadré headwrap is a unique art canvas depicting the strength and work of women. Our headwraps are made in Africa with premium quality ankara fabric sourced from Africa. Headwrapping is an ancient practice that continues to embody the regalness of its origins in modern wrapping. There is no correct way to tie a head wrap.  Wrapping your head is an art that invites you to customize a look for your style.

    Headwrap Features:

    • Great to tie endless styles; simple or dramatic
    • No-fuss hair styling 
    • Excellent on holiday, vacation, special occasion, and everyday use
    • All-season favorite 

    Fabric Guide: 

    • Fabric Type: Ankara. Wax fabric. 100% Cotton
    • Feel: No stretch, lightweight material with slight stiffness for styling 
    • Size: 72" x 20" (handmade, size may slightly vary) 
    • Sustainability: Fabric print placement may vary slightly. However, the essence of the print you love will be maintained.

    Headwrap Care

    • Hand wash with cold water 
    • Hang to dry
    • Iron on low heat